HYPERBOL - Global Game Jam 2019

This year I was fortunate enough to attend the Global Game Jam at the beautiful new home of Volta Labs. I teamed up with Matthew Doucette (Xonatron) and Michael Wills (N163lph03n1x). Together we produced a game called Hyperbol (hīpərˈbōl), an exploration of voxel paintings in an otherwise seemingly empty space. This is the first time Matt and I have ever collaborated on a game, so we were both very interested to see what would come out of it.


The progression of ideas.


The original idea was to explore non-euclidean geometry in an art museum setting. Given the time constraints, we really had to pare our idea down to the bare bones. This left us with a disorienting space, some voxel paintings, and a few tricks Matt had programmed. Myke supplied us with the atmospheric music that can be heard while you play the game. In the screen recording of our presentation, you can actually hear the ambient noise of the presentation room, complete with us distantly presenting our game. It really adds to the game, and once Matt pointed it out, we agreed that it would make a cool addition to the game, if we ever come back to it.


Voxel vs. Pixel


I knew I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone this Global Game Jam. 3D art is something that seems very intimidating to me, so I decided to dip my toe in with voxels. MagicaVoxel allowed me to convert my pixel art into a 2D voxel asset, and from there I would build on pieces where I deemed necessary. Creating the painting and frames was so fun, the voxels really gave my paintings life. I hope to create more pieces like them in the future.


All of the original pixel paintings I created for this game.


Matt’s screen recording of our presentation gameplay.


Until next time,

Anna the Dev